K.J. Somaiya College

        Kopargaon Taluka Education Society started K. J. Somaiya college of Arts and Commerce in June 1964 in Kopargaon because Kopargaon had made some advance in the field of agriculture, but educationally it was still an area of darkness. Our Founder Chairman, then MLA, the late Shri. K. B. Rohamare, affectionately known as Dada, realized the necessity of educating young boys and girls, children of farmers and peasants and established this society. Active social and political workers who were also interested in the cause of education whole-heartedly supported him. Among these, the leading figure was Karamsibhai Jethabhai Somaiya who had one of his sugar factories at Lakshmiwadi, about 10 Kms. away from Kopargaon. He agreed to extend all possible financial help, which he eventually did. And so the name of the college is K. J. Somaiya College, Kopargaon. Advocate Shri. V. M. Korhalkar donated seven-acre land and that is where the college is situated today. Sanjivani and Kolpewadi sugar factories as well as a large number of co-operative societies in Kopargaon Taluka were also among the initial donors.

          Over the past 38 years, the college has witnessed a steady evolution. In 1964, it did not possess its own building, but today, it proudly encompasses various facilities such as a dedicated building, a multi-purpose hall, a specialized library building, a meeting hall, a separate building for the Science faculty, and boys' and girls' hostels. The college has experienced not only a quantitative increase in student enrollment, but also a qualitative improvement in the subjects taught and the faculty members.

          The college's serene semi-urban location, lush green lawns, and state-of-the-art infrastructure create an ideal environment for learning, sharing, and holistic student development. In recent years, the college has undergone significant transformations, introducing new academic programs to provide students with broader exposure and choices. These additions include undergraduate programs in Bachelor of Computer Applications (Science) and postgraduate programs in Botany, Zoology, and Mathematics. Furthermore, six Ph.D. programs in Physics, Zoology, Chemistry, Commerce, Geography, and Political Science have been initiated since the last accreditation.

         To cater to local needs and expand employability opportunities for students, the college offers twenty-one self-financed career-oriented certificate courses. These courses serve as touchstones, enabling students to broaden their sources of employability while facilitating interactions with experts from various disciplines, who contribute their knowledge and enhance the quality of teaching and learning. The college also promotes moral values by offering certificate courses on Gandhian Thoughts and Human Values, inspired by the teachings of great legends.

        Overall, the journey of K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce has been marked by remarkable progress, both in terms of infrastructure and academic offerings, ensuring a conducive environment for students' educational pursuits and personal growth.